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[Bug 1409] fixed, need verification: Iceweasel does not save exception rule for https://www/lwat


--- Comment #14 from Oded Naveh <skilinux@gmail.com>  2010-01-03 16:09:07 ---
(In reply to comment #12)

> The file in /etc/skel/ is still a symlink, now always pointing to
> /etc/iceweasel/profile/cert_override.txt on the main-server, and this might
> give problems when trying to add more overrides.
> Oded, can you comment on why you decided to create a symink in /etc/skel/?

Sorry for the delay.

I (mistakenly) believed that this will eventually create a copy not a symlink
in the user's home, As I previously wrote in comment #5:

> I believe that on user's home creation the content and not the symlink is
> copied, ...
           (from /etc/skel/)

I remember to have tested it, apparently not well enough, and since I thought
it works I took this approach in order to reduce duplication of data.

There was no intention to have all users on the system using the same file
through symlinks, certainly each user should have a personal override file with
full access rights.

I believe your proposed patch would fix this glitch and I'll look into
cosmetics as soon as I can.

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