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NFS bug in the Lenny kernel breaking workstations? (Was: plain lenny logins)

I came across this on the admin-discuss@ mailing list:

[Joakim Seeberg]
> nigel barker skrev:
>> Joakim Seeberg wrote:
>>>> I have seen this on one machine. /skole/tjener/home0 is not
>>>> mounted during startup.
>>>> I have no idea how to fix it accept for: mount -a
>>> Does it happen after a system crash?
>>> cheers joakim
>> Possibly. These are laptops that kids sometimes don't log out of and
>> shut down properly. So home0 is not unmounted you think?
>> nigel
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> Hi Nigel, I got the following info from itais on irc. There is a bug i
> lenny kernel. To options: upgrade to Squeeze kernel og use the nolock
> option in fstab line of the workstation. I dont have access to my
> workstations at the moment so could you plese test this and report
> back.

Anyone know if this kernel bug is still present in the Lenny kernels
we plan to use with the next Debian Edu/Lenny release?

If so, is this issue registered in bugs.skolelinux.org?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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