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[Bug 1376] Removable media (like usb sticks) inserted into ltsp server show up on ltsp clients


--- Comment #11 from Daniel Heß <daniel@rio-grande.ping.de>  2010-01-02 00:32:08 ---
The default context denies the specific messages, that cause the popup to
occur. If only the default context is evaluated no popups should show up.

Even if the comments talk about PolicyKit and ConsoleKit, dbus only checks if a
file named like the user is found in /var/run/console. This files are created
correctly: only the users logging in locally get one created.

As /etc/dbus-1/system.d/hal-debian-edu.conf is basically a copy of hal.conf,
only containing the modifications we did in Etch, this should have always
worked, ...

I have just checked my yesterday test install of lenny-test, and there this bug
is fixed again.

Maybe other could check their test installs, please?

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