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[Bug 1409] Iceweasel does not save exception rule for https://www/lwat


--- Comment #12 from Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com>  2010-01-01 12:15:10 ---
I've given this some thoughts, and believe the original issue has been solved
when the bogus /etc/skel/ symlink that was part of the debian-edu-config
package was removed.  With this change, I believe the cert override file
would include the needed override for https://www/ and others.

The file in /etc/skel/ is still a symlink, now always pointing to
/etc/iceweasel/profile/cert_override.txt on the main-server, and this might
give problems when trying to add more overrides.

Oded, can you comment on why you decided to create a symink in /etc/skel/?

If it should not be a symlink but a copy, the fix for snakeoil-on-ice is fairly
easy, changing a 'cp -s' to a simple 'cp', and changing a test to check if the
file is identical to the file it used ti symlink to instead of checking if it
is the correct symlink.  I believe this patch would be enough:

Index: sbin/snakeoil-on-ice
--- sbin/snakeoil-on-ice        (revision 60554)
+++ sbin/snakeoil-on-ice        (working copy)
@@ -77,9 +77,9 @@

 # Check/make symlink to the override file.

-       if ! [[ $(readlink $TEMPLATE_PROF/cert_override.txt) == $OVERRIDE_FILE
]]; then
+       if ! cmp $TEMPLATE_PROF/cert_override.txt $OVERRIDE_FILE >/dev/null
2>&1 ; then
                [ -d $TEMPLATE_PROF ] || mkdir -p $TEMPLATE_PROF
-               cp -s $OVERRIDE_FILE $TEMPLATE_PROF;
+               cp  $OVERRIDE_FILE $TEMPLATE_PROF;

 # Check/make access to the profile enabled in profiles.ini.

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