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Re: DHCP & IP ranges (

Am Sonntag, 29. November 2009 schrieb Jürgen Leibner:
> And last but not least, what prevents you from switching the onboard 
> nic's off in the BIOS. 

Nice idea (I almost forgot this one). Provided that the Bios allows 
disabling nics, it still wouldn't prevent cables being plugged in the 
wrong socket (well, one colleage tried to plug a network cable to a usb 
socket...). The best technical solution (as I can't fix human habits) 
would be to seal those onboard sockets by some dummy jacks.

Your considerations about size and power (and limitations of 
scalability) are right in most cases. However, we must also take note of 
the increasing amount of additional devices that take an IP nowadays 
(printservers, switches, fridges ;)

Additionally, many schools have more and more notebooks that might not 
be connected at once, but should get their individual IP anyway.

And this leads us to wireless devices (very volatile) - some schools 
might consider to provide internet access to iphones, gphones, or 
openmokos, as well.

I agree to Vagrant, that for Lenny a documentation on how to switch 
networks should be enough, Squeeze is the release that might be targeted 
here (anybody still believing in IPv6?)


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