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[Bug 1395] Reboot after installation of main server gives GRUB error


--- Comment #1 from Oded Naveh <skilinux@gmail.com>  2009-11-21 14:27:05 ---
Summing up some info I see relevant from the ML thread [0]:

I choose fully automatic partitioning, but in the next step I have to choose
partitioning woth LVM.
When testing on vitualbox the part where I can select partitioning with LVM
does not show up. 

I have tested on 3 different servers, and all of them ended with GRUB error.
An old Compaq PIII 1000mhz with 2x36GB, adaptec 2100s raidcontroller
Fujitsu Siemens Xeon something, with 2x72GB, adaptec 2100s raidcontroller
HP Proliant 380 G5, with 4x72GB sas, HP Smart Array 410i raidcontroller

That way or another you didn't get the automated partitioning going for you
and you're likely to end up with /boot on LVM which GRUB can't handle.

Is your /boot on a phisical volume or lvm?

[0] http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-edu@lists.debian.org/msg17864.html

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