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upload debian-edu 0.838 ?

the last upload of debian-edu (0.837) to Debian was Wed, 16 Jul 2008 11:53:30
+0000. since then, debian/changelog has accumulated nearly 200 lines of
changes, and includes a several fixes for bugs in the debian BTS, three of
which have been marked pending for nearly a year or more.

i understand that while preparing a lenny-based release, all of the issues that
should get fixed in unstable probably can't be done (such as the bug regarding
updating KDE dependencies).

it seems like an upload to Debian unstable could still resolve a few bugs,
lintian issues, and generally bring the skolelinux and debian repositories even
closer in sync. we'll also gain the vigilant watch of various automated tests
(piuparts, buildds, lintian.debian.org, etc.) and other people looking for
issues which could benefit the lenny-based release.

i'd be happy to prepare an upload for 0.838, if a DD could sponsor it, after
which i'd be able to make uploads directly as a DM.

live well,

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