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[Bug 1373] killer freezes thin client sessions


rgx@gmx.de changed:

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            Summary|killer seems to be too      |killer freezes thin client
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------- Comment #3 from rgx@gmx.de  2009-09-20 19:48 -------
I can confirm this. All sessions frozen at 2:17 and 3:17 p.m. which was exactly
the time when the hourly cronjob was run. No network issue, as I could check in
a simultaneous ssh session, and re-boot of thin clients was possible at once.

In order to debug this further on, I need more information on how to use/config
the killer perl script  /usr/sbin/killer

I found a man page at [1] pointing to a dead URL.

Accordingly there are options for debugging, but apparently no
option to list processes or users that are not to be killed.

Also peeked into killer-sources; there are some patches, but I didn't figure
out their meaning entirely.

Where is killer logging to, by default? Syslog?


1. http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/karmic/man1/killer.1.html

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