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Re: Strange LTSP phenomenon: Clients sessions freeze

Am Samstag 19 September 2009 schrieb Holger Levsen:
> please do. please always provide as much info as you can.

First, I need to know what package/process to address in my bug file.
> and if you really care about follow-ups, please file bugs

Klaus supported my suspect, that "killer" is the killer.
José's idea that the ssh session was killed came also into my mind.

I think there was a howto for plain sessions (no ssh afer login).
Is there a howto for killer? A file to place exceptions (don't kill 
processes of user X/named Y)?

Next time (1 week from now) I would try the thin clients' console.

Til then, I need to live with or without killer (what would be worse?), 
or adapt the cron job timing to school intermissions...


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