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[Bug 1375] Drop FAM, please, as it blocks LTSP service


------- Comment #3 from holger@layer-acht.org  2009-09-18 14:12 -------
<h01ger> pere, interesting about fam+browser, didnt know that :)
<h01ger> but wouldnt itais then notice?
<h01ger> extremadura uses nfs heavily too :)
<itais> fam affects if nfs is not used, but if nfs is used, it's still worse
<h01ger> so all is better without fam?
<itais> so I don't understand the reasoning of #1375. Maybe that was the fam
goal, but if it was, it's really buggy
<itais> much better without it
<itais> in fact, it's almost unusable with it, when  it begins to take control
of the 90% of the cpu

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