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Re: Upgrade to Lenny.

Hi Oded,

On Samstag, 5. September 2009, Oded Naveh wrote:
> In an attempt to draw attention to the documentation on Lenny upgrades I
> added a section on the status page, but as that page doesn't seem to see
> many visitors these days either, I post it here too:

I've noticed with joy that you have been working on this page. 

The only concern I have is that the page has become quite very long, which is 
especially hard for translation I think.. is it so long because of so many 
workarounds because we havent fixed bugs we need to fix or is this 

> Though in general Debian Edu doesn't support upgrades and people are
> advised to reinstall, we try to provide upgrade instructions on a
> best-effort base. 

I'm not particular happy with this statement - we provide everything on a best 
effort base, also the supported things. So saying we dont support it but we 
support it, sounds strange to me. I'm not sure how to phrase this better, 
maybe we should simply support upgrades? 


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