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Content and translation status for the debian-edu-lenny manual

The (translated) debian-edu-lenny manual as PDF or HTML is available at http://maintainer.skolelinux.org/debian-edu-doc/

To understand this mail better, please read /usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc/README.
This mail is automatically send by a cronjob run by Holger Levsen every two weeks. Please send feedback, suggestions, flames and cookies via this list.

debian-edu-lenny-manual.de.po: 565 translated messages, 195 fuzzy translations, 205 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-lenny-manual.es.po: 85 translated messages, 206 fuzzy translations, 674 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-lenny-manual.fr.po: 633 translated messages, 153 fuzzy translations, 179 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-lenny-manual.it.po: 946 translated messages, 15 fuzzy translations, 4 untranslated messages.
debian-edu-lenny-manual.nb.po: 709 translated messages, 163 fuzzy translations, 93 untranslated messages.
FIXME: describe new features in 5.0.2+edu0 here. 
FIXME: describe new features in Debian 5.0.2 here. 
FIXME: a description of main-server and thinclient-server is missing. 
FIXME: probably each paragraph on this page needs to be (slightly) rewritten for lenny. 
FIXME: describe PXE installation here, if its only two sentences, then they should be here. 
FIXME: path to preseed file location missing
FIXME: remove when bug is closed <!--Warning: Probably not emitting right sort of linebreak-->
FIXME: add link to more information about adding Windows hosts to the Skolelinux network or describe it right there. 
FIXME: explain what to do when printconf does not accomplish anything. 
FIXME: Explain how to use kde-update-notifier, best with screenshots. 
FIXME: continue description of slbackup-php usage, maybe with screenshots 
FIXME: Describe how to upgrade to the powerdns dns and dhcp in ldap structure.  
FIXME: describe how to upgrade from etch. 
FIXME: Should we recommend openjdk-6-* from main instead documenting sun-java6-jre?  Not sure if a plugin is available... 
FIXME: paragraph about access from outside need to be completed and tested. 
FIXME: this page still contains many etchisms... 
FIXME: this is broken and a bug should be filed: kiosktool upgrades restore default desktop icons 
FIXME: "installing nonfree flash" needs to be updated for lenny 
FIXME: "Sound with Flash on thin clients" needs to be updated for lenny 
FIXME: should user groups in windows better be explained with lwat first, and then with an example for the command line? 
FIXME explain how to use profiles from global policies for windows machines in the skolelinux network 
FIXME: describe roaming profile key for the global policy editor here 
FIXME: more examples where moodle is used, how it can be used and a link to a good starter documentation is missing here 
FIXME: explain how to install and use italc 
FIXME: explain how to install and use squidgard and/or dansguardian 
FIXME: this paragraph about swi-prolog is written for etch... 
26 FIXMEs left to fix

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