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[Bug 1328] Default browser (Iceweasel) refuses to connect to https://www/ by default


------- Comment #11 from ronny@skolelinux.org  2009-05-29 23:55 -------
one ugly hack way to do it on tjener. is to run xvfb-run iceweasel as the user
in question, and then kill it shortly after. 

This will require xvfb and iceweasel to be installed on the main server tho.
and would probably not scale very gracefully. eg when there are cvs imports of

if you want the cert on the clients, then cfengine is run after the
installation. the plan is to make it run by cron, but that might be a bit into
the future. 
a small cron.daily snipper might do it tho. 

the posibilities are endless :)


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