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Re: (howto) adding better support for a specific language

Am Mittwoch 29 April 2009 12:44:27 schrieb Oded Naveh:
>         Hebrew keyboards have UPPERCASE ASCII and Hebrew letters, so for
> young kids the effect is as you understood.

Hi. Well, my keyboard has also only UPPERCASE letters, but luckily, I am able 
to type lowercase letters as well ;)

Is this different with Hebrew keyboards? Then, please file a bug report 
against your keyboard designer ;)

More serious: In most cases, usernames are not case sensitive. As for 
passwords, special characters are allowed (even Hebrew I think), but please 
keep in mind that you will have difficulties to log in from an internet cafe 
in Paris.

And then there is also the direction of writing: right to left in your 
language. Usually switching keymaps means also switching writing directions.

Otherwise you have to type "toor" to login as root.... 


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