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Re: Recent lwat changes

Hi John,

On Samstag, 4. April 2009, John S. Skogtvedt wrote:
> Also, yesterday I commited support for modifying DHCP hosts in LDAP (r839).
> lwat now depends on php-net-ipv4, which isn't available in Etch. If you
> want more recent lwat versions running on Etch, it should be possible to
> comment out the require("Net/IPv4.php") line in admin.php.
> To enable the DHCP support, $updateDHCP = true; has to be set in
> config.php. The way it works currently is that when
> adding/modifying/deleting a host, the corresponding change is made to
> the DHCP configuration.

[keeping this info to have it handy when we need it]

Is there anon svn checkout available? If not, could you make it available, 
please? Alternativly and not really a solution IMO, would be to give me 
normal svn access... I'd like to upload lwat to our lenny-test so we can use 
your changes..

> I've attached a diff with proposed changes to to dhcp.ldif in
> debian-edu-config/ldap-bootstrap, which is intended to make debian-edu
> work better with the lwat DHCP changes.

has this been included in out schema now?

> A couple of final questions:
> * What's the status on DNS in LDAP?

we are working on it and are almost there :)

> * What are the most important things to add/fix in lwat before the Lenny
> release?

dns+dhcp, plus better error messages in case something goes wrong.


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