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Re: libqt-perl: build-depend (libsmokeqt-dev) going away

On Monday 13 April 2009 14:29:48 Bart Martens wrote:
> Hi Ana,

Hi Bart,

> Thanks for the bug report about this.
> I see that kdebindings 4 does have libsmokeqt4-2.  Why not the
> corresponding -dev package ? Why is libsmokeqt-dev removed ?

So far, the ABI of the qt4 smoke has not been completely stable, so we have 
chosen not to provide -dev package for it, as it makes things easier for us.
This is fortunately going to change, so if there is a need for it we might be 
able to provide it in the future.
Currently there is no good bindings outside the kdebindings source package, so 
there hasn't been a need for it.

> I see that debian-edu-install depends on libqt-perl.  The reason for
> that is, according to debian/changelog, "to get the kde debconf frontend
> working".  How is this to be solved with KDE 4 ?

For the next months, I would suggest to use the gtk frontend, but hopefully 
during summer of code, we will have enough working perl-qt bindings and a new 
and improved debconf frontend that fits in kde.

Note that a Qt3 frontend in KDE4 will look just as ugly and misplaced as a gtk 

> Any additional suggestions/thoughts/comments ?

My suggestion would be to wait until the summer is over - and then hopefully 
package qt4 perl bindings (maybe in cooperation with the qt people (me and 

Alternatively, if you need perl-qt3, you can take the kde3 bindings package 
and strip it down to only be the smoke libraries and ship qt3 smoke in a 
separate package. 

Do you know how to link the program?

You have not to save the cache in order to install a tower.

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