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Re: Recent lwat changes

John S. Skogtvedt wrote:
I've been doing some work on lwat over the past week.

Last sunday I commited a change to lwat svn which makes it possible to
have separate first name and last name in LDAP. This is useful e.g. for
Moodle's LDAP support, which expects separate first and last names.

The LDAP setup in Skolelinux doesn't currently support this, and I'm not
sure what the best way of adding it is. For my testing I used
inetOrgPerson, but that conflicts with imapUser, and it seems that the
mail setup depends on the mailMessageStore attribute.
Example admin.ini changes (lwat r838 or later):

  objectClass = top posixAccount shadowAccount inetOrgPerson sambaSamAccount
  (imapUser replaced with inetOrgPerson, mailMessageStore has to be removed)
  givenName = %firstname%
  sn = %lastname%
  mail = %username%@intern

Also, yesterday I commited support for modifying DHCP hosts in LDAP (r839).
lwat now depends on php-net-ipv4, which isn't available in Etch. If you
want more recent lwat versions running on Etch, it should be possible to
comment out the require("Net/IPv4.php") line in admin.php.

To enable the DHCP support, $updateDHCP = true; has to be set in
config.php. The way it works currently is that when
adding/modifying/deleting a host, the corresponding change is made to
the DHCP configuration.
The IP address is used to find the correct dhcpSharedNetwork, and the
host is simply added to the first available (less than 250 hosts, per
the DebianEdu/Lwat wiki page) DHCP group.
Question: should it be possible to select a DHCP group? DHCP groups can
be used to set custom parameters for a group of hosts, which might be
useful in some cases.

lwat doesn't support adding a filename statement to a DHCP host. I'm
currently not that motivated to add it, because non-x86 thin clients are
few and far between, and filenames can be set on both the network and
group. Also I have tried to make sure that lwat doesn't remove any
existing filename statements.

I've attached a diff with proposed changes to to dhcp.ldif in
debian-edu-config/ldap-bootstrap, which is intended to make debian-edu
work better with the lwat DHCP changes.
* Fix wrong filename on cn=INTERNAL
* Add another dhcpGroup to cn=INTERNAL, because of the 250-host
dhcpGroup limit (there is room for more than 250 hosts on the network)
* Remove all per-host filenames. It's confusing and a source of errors
if the filename on dhcpSharedNetwork/dhcpGroup is changed and only a few
hosts have filename set.

A couple of final questions:
* What's the status on DNS in LDAP?
* What are the most important things to add/fix in lwat before the Lenny

dhcp groups, absolutly. atlest 2 installations i know of use them heavily.
but you could map them to netgroups perhaps ??
And you will also need a way to define the configurations for each group...

I do not know the best way to implement the solution in ldap.

PS: Thank you for your work on lwat!

Kind regards
Ronny Aasen

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