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future of debian-edu

2008/11/22 Gerhard Prade <gerhard.prade@uni-bielefeld.de>:
> 5. italc
> i want to use italc preconfigured, so the teachers and the admin can
> control the clients/pupils. today we use it with win2k, i heard that it
> works with kde3.5 but i tried it with lenny and backport of kde4 and it
> doesnt work.

This is something I wish too.
I had success compiling and installing italc on etch but it would be
great to have it precondifured to work both, with the workstation, and
thin clients and dws.

I wish the diskless workstation to be working fine on lenny.
I had several problems with etch.
I'm still wondering if they are planned on lenny release (in other
words I wonder if the script ltsp-make-client has been adapted/tested
for lenny).

Thank you.

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