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InfoDisplays: Success using "wakeonlan"

This is just a quick report on how easy things can be with Debian 

Our 40 inch displays (driven by joomla! + firefox) had been "programmed" 
to shutdown at 4 p.m. and turn on at 7 a.m. This was a simple task 
(done by a  TV remote control). There was just 1 flaw with this: On 
weekends, neighbours wondered why there is light at school.

Now, I got in touch with "apt-get install wakeonlan": I never thought it 
was that simple! "wakeonlan 00:12:xx:yy:zz" [MAC address] turns on our 
display. So all I had to do, was:

Create a cronjob doing the magic thing every morning (Mon-Fri), and 
disable the auto-start option of our displays. 

This was done within 15 minutes.

Thank you, Debian.

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