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Re: Moving to another dns daemon: powerdns

Summary: use a modular approach

Op 20081206 om 16:19 schreef Patrick Winnertz:
> Hello,
> As I was quite long inactive, because of stress in university I would like to 
> start again to work on skolelinux. After a short view about the points which 
> have to be done until the next release. I think I'll work in my x-mas holidays 
> on moving the dns service from bind to powerdns. Powerdns is captable of 
> getting the zone informations from ldap which is the goal for our lenny 
> release, I think.
> Does anybody has other ideas how to archieve this goal or hints, or problems 
> with the procedure I described above? (Or other hints for dns daemons which 
> are captable of getting informations from ldap).

Take in account that after the "hard coding" part,
there will be a "soft skills" part,
where people have to accept the proposed alternative.

For a smooth swith-over are most likely changes in "top Debian-edu"
needed, like selecting which  domain name server has to be used.
And probably also selecting which back-end ( files or LDAP )

The way to achieve it is to use separate parts, also known as modules.

Hoping this help (at least it should avoid stress)
Geert Stappers

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