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Re: Bug#507742: etcinsvk: initial run is excruciatingly slow

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On Thu, Dec 04, 2008 at 01:51:35PM +0100, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
>[Jonas Smedegaard]
>> Has the alternative etckeeper been considered for new installs?
>I tested it, and etckeeper seem to be interactive, asking the user for 
>comments when packages is upgraded/installed.  etcinsvk is not 
>interactive, and only record changes.

I use etckeeper on several systems, including my laptop, that has pretty 
frequent activities below /etc. It used to pop up frequently in its 
earliest versions, but since long (6 months, I guess, if not longer) I 
have had no interaction with it.

So perhaps it is time to test once more, if it was bugs since fixed.

>I did ask for svk support in etckeeper to be able to migrate to it, but 
>do not believe anyone implemented it yet.  After testing etckeeper, I 
>am not sure we want to.

I could imagine Joey has no "itch to scratch" regarding support for 
slower backends. So someone else probably have to do the - seemingly 
little - work to add such support.

I never used SVK, so don't know if it has some limitations for the 
approach used by etckeeper. But it seems pretty simple to add hooks - 
see the (many, but small and simple) shell hooks below /etc/etckeeper/

>We use svk because it allow us to keep /etc/ in version control without 
>any files showing up in /etc/ to indicate that it is being done, and 
>thus no confusion about for example .svn files in /etc/ will arrive. :)

etckeeper init -d /whereeveryouwant

  - Jonas

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