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[Bug 1327] increase partition sizes


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------- Comment #1 from holger@layer-acht.org  2008-12-03 21:29 -------
<pere> it is very easy.  there are three numbers in the partition rules.  min,
max and "priority".
<pere> priority is used to calculate how much of the excess space above the
minimum should be allocated to a given partition.
<vagrantc> the hard part is doing enough test installs of all the various
<pere> so all one need to do is to install a given combination of profiles, run
df -h, and calculate the new minimum sizes.  
<pere> vagrantc: yeah.
<pere> I suspect there is a bug in partman, making it some times create
partitions smaller than the minimum size, but did not verify it.
<vagrantc> if i could figure out a simple workaround for the svk issue, i could
do a few test installs to get a better idea.
<pere> it would explain some installs that confused me.

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