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Bug#458879: xml export of moinmoin

Hi Osamu,

On Sunday 20 July 2008 15:00, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> If you are looking for hints to work around to make good usable XML, you
> may check how recent debian-reference packages are build.
> "make renewxml" will update xml source.
> I do many ad-hoc changes.  I know they are ugly but they work.

Thank you for this pointer! I'll definitly take a look. (Not sure yet when 
I'll have time, so I definitly also appreciate if someone else from Debian 
Edu can take a look :-)

> I may need to adjust it for version 1.7 of moinmoin if  wiki.debian.org
> is adjusted.

I'm sure this can wait til after Lenny is released, though I'm thankful to 
Franklin for providing his testbed today.


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