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Re: debian-cd updated on administrator for building the CDs

Am Dienstag 06 März 2007 schrieb Steffen Joeris:
> Please note that the new daily builds have a name change and
> therefore they are called "debian-edu-$arch-CD-$number.iso", which
> means the following for the etch-test[0] and the etch daily[1] build.
> Please adjust your download scripts, rsync lines or whatever to the
> new path.

Dear Steffen,

belated congrats for this upgrade - plus some question regarding stable 
updates (Skolelinux 3.0 / Debian Etch):

Are there continued daily builds based on Etch? I realised that the 
latest revision of Debian 4.0 Etch provides a more recent Kernel 
version compared to the latest Debian Edu release. As it comes to more 
recent hardware, this could become an install-blocker.

Just wondering
Kind regards

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