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today, 16 UTC / 18 CEST (Re: IRC meeting 2008-07-11 on #debian-edu (irc.debian.org)


the irc meeting will be today, at 16 UTC / 18 CEST on #debian-edu on OFTC and 
shall complete in an hour.

The current agenda (is too long and) located at 

It reads:

Who writes the summary? 

bugs we care about in etch 
 how to help with newest hardware that our etch cd doesn't care about, i.e. 
3w-9xxx pci-id 13c1:1004 (jever) 

 cd building 
 progress on bug #311188 
 ldapify services? 
 XO & XS hidden profiles 
 desktop hidden question (multi-select, defaults to kde, other options: gnome, 
xfce, sugar) 

 see also ToDo-list 
 organizing a wiki cleanup session 
 to remove/mark old pages 
 to cleanup the structure 
 move the cipux pages away 

cdd-dev rewrite to cope with different arch meta packages (I need input for 
the tags used in the tasks files, please see this posting for the tags that 
remain unclear) 

any other business 
 please create an english version of 

Next meeting?


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