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Re: Nice init script for firewall to force users through squid


On Thursday 07 August 2008 12:40, Julian Bangert wrote:
> It is MIT licenced which is 100% GPL compatible ( you can put it under the
> GPL licence - as long as the copyrigth notice appears)


Only the author / copyright owner can do that.

> short script it is better to have anyone share it - it is no problem to
> bundle it with GPL software...

To bundle not, but to write GPL licenced documentation based on it. And our 
documentation is GPL licenced...

But anyway, I dont think Debian Edu should ship low level firewall scripts 
based on iptables. Thats way too complicated and error-prone. Instead I'd 
suggest we use a shorewall based solution. 

Description: Shoreline Firewall (Shorewall), a high-level tool for configuring 
 Shorewall allows you to describe your firewall/gateway requirements using
 entries in a set of configuration files. It reads those configuration files
 and, with the help of the iptables utility, configures Netfilter to match 
 Shorewall supports a wide range of router/firewall/gateway applications,
 traffic shaping and almost every type of VPN.

shorewall - Shoreline Firewall, netfilter configurator - transitional package
shorewall-common - Shoreline Firewall, netfilter configurator - common files
shorewall-doc - documentation for Shoreline Firewall (Shorewall)
shorewall-lite - Shorewall (lite version), a high-level tool for configuring 
shorewall-perl - Shoreline Firewall, Netfilter configurator (Perl-based)
shorewall-shell - Shoreline Firewall, Netfilter configurator (shell-based)


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