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Bug#487404: dont copy code from laptop-detect

This is the code in question from debian-edu-profile that is using the
laptop-detect result:

  # Activate our and Debians Laptop task if a laptop is detected
  if is_laptop; then
    log "Detected a laptop"
    tasksel="${tasksel:+$tasksel, }Laptop, DebianEdu laptop packages"
    log "Did not detect a laptop"

I guess we could move it to run after base-installer, and avoid the
problem completely.  We would then need to extract the current tasksel
setting and replace it with one including the two laptop tasks.

Testing this code, I discovered that it did not work because
dmidecode-udeb was not installed.  I've added it as a dependency in
svn, fixing it for now, but it might be better to use the installed
laptop-detect instead of tracking these changes ourself.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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