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Re: [Announce] New tasks web Bpages for all CDDs

On Sun, 6 Jul 2008, Jürgen Leibner wrote:

on http://debian-edu.alioth.debian.org/ the link Skolelinux points to
http://www.skolelinux.org/portal/, but that page doesn't exist on the
old drupal site.

http://debian-edu.alioth.debian.org/status.html isn't available too, it
gives a 404.

Well, sorry I did not posted these links and I do not really feel responsible
for thes pages.

All pages you listet in your mail give a 404. The only functional one is

This is my faul because I just removed the "_new" at the end of all the other
links (and now from the Debian Med link as well) because I wanted to do an
official announcement and wanted to do this without "_new".  I just placed
symlinks to the "old new" locations but here are the ones you should keep
in your bookmarks:

  Debian Edu:

  Debian GIS:

  Debian Junior:

  Debian Med:

  Debian Science:

If you are interested to maintain


which looks quite orphaned and might need some care just do so, but I
do not feel responsible here.  What I could do is to move the output
of the tasks generating pages under debian-edu.alioth.debian.org -
if somebody asks me to do so.  BTW, there is a tasks directory which
just lists an outdated kopy of the tasks files and IMHO makes no sense
at all at this place.

Kind regards



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