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RFH: debian-edu-profile-udeb.templates problem...


cc: the debconf maintainers, the po-debconf maintainer and bubulle, as I have 
no idea how to fix this...

In Debian Edu (where we use a modified d-i) we have a problem with the profile 
question in the the debian-edu-profile-udeb.template. The profile question is 
asked quite in the beginning (after language selection and configuring the 
network) and determines how the machine shall be used. In expert mode the 
questions differs a bit, the explaining text is longer and there are more 
profiles to choose from.

The problem manifests itself in:

- normal-prio text-mode english is almost fine, though it seems there would be 
space to display all four possible choices, but this is really mine. Compared 
to the rest I consider it fine.

- normal-prio text-mode german is really broken, you cannot see what you have 
to choose.

- expert-prio text-mode english is broken, almost the same as text-mode 

- expert-prio text-mode german is fine(!), there are two screens shown: first 
the text and on the second the possible choices.

- graphical installer is always fine, there is more space

(And is similar for other languages as well.)

Screenshots are available at http://layer-acht.org/edi/

The template itself is available at 

This is all lenny with debian-edu-install from sid.

(And should you want to test yourself, the cd image is available 
with "rsync -vt 

I'm sending this mail also to the debconf maintainers as Christian suggested 
there might be a bug in debconf involved. To me it seems the splitting into 
two "srceens" (not sure about the terminology) as it happens in expert-mode 
in german should also happen for the other text-mode cases. Is there a way to 
force this splitting, but only for text-mode? (As the graphical installer has 
enough space to display everything correctly.)

I'd be very grateful for some hints how to fix this.


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