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Re: Seminarix and Skolelinux

* Jose Redrejo <jredrejo@edu.juntaextremadura.net> [080615 21:30]:

> El dom, 15-06-2008 a las 19:24 +0200, Kurt Gramlich escribió:
> > dear friends
> > 
> Hi Kurt
> > I start to compare teaching software in
> > Seminarix livecd and Skolelinux-etch.
> > 
> > Seminarix is a Sidux based livecd used to show and 
> > teach teacher free software applications.
> > 
> > Petter was so friendly to give me the list of user software
> > inside skolelinux etch.
> > 
> > I checked the package names with aptitude.
> > 
> > The following packages are missing in skolelinux etch and I would
> > like if someone (developer) would pull them into lenny version of
> > skolelinux.
> > 
> > We have a cooperation with Seminarix here in germany and I hope
> > in the future teachers trained with Seminarix will find all the
> > teaching software in a skolelinux-based school.
> > 
> > Thanks in advance!
> > 
> I would sort your list in this way:
> a) Some packages are totally obsolete or not very proper for teaching
> ( as pcb, kicad is a dependency of education-electronics, pcb a
> suggestion, is like comparing openoffice to vi, which one whould you use
> with teachers?). Also klogic  (also a suggestion of
> education-electronics) is much poorer than ksimus.
> b) Some others are already included after the education-xxxx packages
> reorganization   (???quanta as dependency and kturtle, kwordquiz,
> ksociograma,  sunclock as suggestions)
> c) Some others are not in Debian (qgis)
> d) some others are very kde related, so if people like them, they should
> be under education-kde (celestia-kde, juk, kformula, koffice, karbon,
> kolourpaint, kpdf, ksnapshot, krita, krusader, kspread, kview )
> e) Some others should already be there, but are not (tuxmath & xsane). 
> f) Some others maybe would need a new category: education-religion
> (bibletime, bibletime-i18n, hebcal, itools)
> g)For the rest I don't have a strong opinion, but if you know teachers
> use them, it's more than enough to include them (glame, hazim, do they
> really use hazim in Germany? & pingus)
> So,
>  - I would not include packages from points a),b) and c) and would push
> Seminarix users to replace their use for better choices.
> - If those of point d) are not in education-kde and you think they are
> useful, I 'd include them in that package, but that's something that KDE
> users from Debian Edu might think as I'm not that kind of user ;-)
> - For point e) I'll include them a.s.a.p, as I do have a strong opinion:
> tuxmath and xsane should be in Debian Edu.
> ???- For point f), maybe a new metapackage is needed: education-religion
> - For g), my opinion is include them if they are used, but I'd like to
> hear more opinions.
> OTOH, I think another metapackage to install all the educative
> metapackages is needed. Every time I install a workstation and I want to
> add the educative metapackages (mathematics, music, electronics, etc.
> not laptop, kde,  gnome, networked, services, etc.) I have to do it one
> by one. Maybe an education-whatever would be a good idea, but I don't
> find the right name for "whatever".
> Regards.
> José L.

thanks for your good points, we will discuss this with teachers
in Germany.

Regards/AmicaLinuxement/Saludos/Viele Gruesse!
Kurt Gramlich
Projektleitung skolelinux.de
GnuPG Key ID 0xE263FCD4

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