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Re: Help: Kiosk prevents direct shutdown

Hi Holger,

thanks for your reply. To make things more clear:

I am talking about a lab with 1 Workstation (used by a subset of 55 
teachers) and 14 Thin Clients. The WS hence is dedicated to the 

Am Samstag 07 Juni 2008 schrieb Holger Levsen:
> IMO this should be hidden for student users, but shown for teacher
> users. If not, it's a bug and I would be happy if you would report it
> as such. (In the BTS, not just here on the list.)

I don't think there is a role specific layout of the KDE desktop.
The "direct shutdown" button makes sense for workstations only.
> > - sometimes users cannot login to LTSP with any display manager
> > unless I delete ~/.* and ~/profiles
> This might be related to ~/.xsession-* being filled with errors and
> thus filling up the home-partition/users quota.

Nope, quota is yet another thing. I tried hard to single out the 
responsible file - w/o access. It must be a X.org issue because it is 
not related to KDE. Is there any settings stored about the graphic 
settings used previously, so moving to another thin client would fail?

I also suspect special characters in special folders to break login.
But I can't actually tell.

Kind regards

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