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Re: Modularizing X2Go // Re: (N)X2Go - LowBandwith sessions for takeaway incl. sound

Hello debian-edu people,

it's been some time since we've discussed the integration of x2go into skolelinux/debian-edu. We still don't have enough manpower for a real fork of the nx-libraries (integration of only debian based xorg sources), the discussion has stopped. I only wanted to add to the discussion, that we have a booth on the linuxday 2008 and a talk/presentation on friday, so that everybody who is interested, can see the system live/working and talk to us.
I hope It is ok to place this "advertisment" on the group because of the possibility for us to get a bigger community and maybe some helper for the localisation of x2go. On linuxday we will present a complete x2go environment and our new gtk client.



2008/3/6 RalfGesellensetter <rgx@gmx.de>:
Hello everybody,

I appreciate this ongoing discussion that might also be interesting for

Am Donnerstag 06 März 2008 schrieb Heinz-M. Graesing:
> So I would suggest a new thread "modularizing NX libraries for xorg"
> or something, to get a response of people searching for such an
> solution and developers (maybe nomachine too?) helping to achive it.
> We would be interested in this topic too.

As for modularization which is certainly the way to get x2go into Debian
AFAP, I can see these connections (cf.

At Client-side, you use qt4/KDE specific layout and libraries, hence it
would be great to get your qtApplications into KDE4. To make
it "footlose", it should be as flexible as possible regarding the
corresponding server protocol. However, I cannot tell if it is possible
to separate protocolls (like using different plugins for x2go or nx).

x2gospyglass could merge with italc (Qt, too) and controlaula (Gnome).

At server-side, there are different links to attach to existing Debian
packages. xorg was named, more generally freedesktop.org might be of

These are just some coarse templations of a skolelinux using teacher.


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