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Re: new CD and DVD images needed?!

Holger Levsen wrote:
> Hi,
> correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldnt we create new (full) CDs and DVDs now, 
> so that users who install now dont install with the broken openssl (dsa 
> 1571-1), thus creating weak host keys and possible user keys.
> Or are the packages on the cd/dvd ignored / not installed at first, if there 
> is a security update available? But then, one can choose to install without 
> network/without security updates...
> Comments welcome, please cc: either debian-edu@ or me, I'm not subscribed to 
> debian-cd@.
> regards,
> 	Holger

As soon as we get ssh back to the machines we can re enable the etch
dvd/cd building, this is easy. the timeconsuming task is to test that
the images work as intended. many packages have changed since the first


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