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Re: Bug#478472: generates broken source packages

On Tue, 6 May 2008, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

I built in Etch, and I suspect I got two old cdd-dev or debhelper, as

Probably to old cdd-dev - but didn't versioned build dependencies
of debian-edu from cdd-dev at least enforce working cdd-dev even in

it no longer build because of missing build dependencies after you
increased the requirements.  Newer cdd-dev was simple to install,

Yep, dependencies are not very strong - so probably no nuisance in Etch.

while newer debhelper needed newer dpkg and other packages, and I
decided against upgrading those.

Well, this is exactly the reason why I made some noise about debhelper
6.x dependency. Dh_lintian is only part of this.  A workaround for
Etch would be to ship a copy of dh_lintian in cdd-dev and go with a
lower versioned debhelper.  Do you think this would make sense?  IMHO
all future releases will contain debhelper 6.x and so there is no
constraint, but for backporting you need dh_lintian (or just backport
cdd-dev by uncommenting dh_lintian call and ignore the lintian stuff).

When I try to build in my sid chroot, the package look sane, so you
can assume that it is just my build environment that is the problem.

OK, this sound like green light for an upload.

Kind regards



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