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Free Music Software Workshop at Skolelinux.de Centre

Dear list,

currently we are trying to attract more teachers to the realm of free 
software. After a Squeak weekend in April with attendance of Antonio 
Moreno from Extremadura, Spain, there will be a *Rosegarden* weekend 
with  Alf Tonny Bätz from Norway. (Audacity and Jack are also on our 

In case anybody of you make their way down to Guetersloh, Germany (the 
headquarter of Bertelsmann/BMG is located in the middle between 
Dortmund and Hannover) - the event will take place from May 16 - 18.

Especially welcome are music teachers who plan computer based sequencing 
or notation, and bring their own MIDI devices.

Further information can be taken from

As there is a maximum amount of participants, please make up your mind 
quickly ;)

Kind regards,
Ralf (increasingly in favour of eToys).

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