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Re: Problems with ftp.skolelinux.org and other services

[Petter Reinholdtsen]
> There seem to be a problem with ftp.skolelinux.org.  I am not sure,
> but suspect a hardware problem with the disks.  We have backup from
> yesterday morning, so hopefully we will not loose much.

Here is a quick update.  As the hardware do not report any errors on
the front of the cabinet, I hope this is a software error, and will
try to reboot to see if fsck can clean up the partitions.  Rebooting
administrator.skolelinux.no affect all the skolelinux machines, as the
users home directories are NFS exported from this host, as well as the
svn repository.  In addition, the ftp site is located there.
www.skolelinux.org is not affected.

I plan to reboot it in 15 minutes (11:50).  Because of this, I urge
everyone to log out of the skolelinux machines, and not use
svn.skolelinux.org until I report back that the reboot and fsck is

If the machine do not boot properly, the downtime can be long. :( fsck
will take a long time, so expect a few hours downtime anyway.  I know
there is a developer gathering going on, so I am aware that this is
very unfortunate.  Leaving the ftp site down and possibly increasing
the disk corruption is not a useful option either, though.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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