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Re: Request to move the flashplayer-nonfree-exstrasound from etch-test to etch


On Thursday 13 March 2008 23:06, Alf Tonny Bätz wrote:
> This is a request to move flashplayer-nonfree-extrasound from
> etch-test to etch so people can take take it in use without doing some
> dangerous changing in the sources.list. I have test that packages on 3
> server, and it works for us like a charm.

I dont feel comfortable doing so at the moment, even though it is reported to 
work fine on Alfs and Bjarnes machines :-(

The main reason is that I'm uneasy that this package wasnt accepted in Debian 
yet (and moving the package to our Etch would mean introducing a package 
which wasnt there before - which IMO shouldnt be done lightly in a stable 

It's been sitting in NEW since two months, together with 
flashplayer-nonfree-pulse. And thus I'm not sure there will be an upgrade 
path in Lenny.

Also the README shipped in the binary package in /usr/share/doc claims it 
supports pulseaudio while it does not (as stated correctly by the package 
description). Then there is some cruft in the source packages (old/beta? and 

Last, I cannot even find a request from the maintainer that this package 
should be moved to etch, "only" from our users. I assume the maintainers is 
in favor of this :) but as there is no request, it means I would have to 
write the announcement myself, which is a lot work for me and can better be 
done by the maintainer :-D

Summary: introducing new packages in a stable release should be done with 
great care, and I dont feel that this package has seen enough love yet.


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