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Re: openoffice 2.3 on skolelinux

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On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 02:00:47PM +0000, Paulo Figueira wrote:
>I have tried with the deb file from openoffice.org.

I guess you manually downloaded the *.deb files from somewhere at the 
OpenOffice.org official website, and installed the downloaded packages 
manually with dpkg.

I would trust OpenOffice developers in writing their software very well, 
but not in packaging it very well for Debian.

>I have tried upgrading the system replacing etch by lenny on the 
>sources.list file.

This is better: Relying on APT for dependency resolving instead of 
manually injecting .deb packages with dpkg.

But still - what you tried was in fact a full upgrade of your stable 
system (codename "Etch") to become the testing system (codename 
"Lenny").  I imagine you wanted as stable as possible a system - with 
only OpenOffice being unstable.

>So, what's the right procedure for using backports?

Adding some Etch-related backports.org line to APT, in _addition_ to 
your existing official Etch line(s) already there.

I deliberately do not provide you a step-by-step procedure: I believe 
that if you are unable to put the pieces together from here, then really 
you need to learn more about APT and the interaction between official 
Debian, Debian-base Skolelinux (a.k.a. Debian-Edu) and backports.org.

In short: backports.org is a big pool of (relatively small) "forks" of 
Debian. Debian-Edu is *also* a (relatively small) fork of Debian. 
Forking the officially tested package pool called "Debian stable" raise 
to risk of problems - and mixing *multiple* forks raise that risk even 

As mentioned earlier, only some trouble comes at install time - some of 
it comes when you later want to update packages to newer versions 
(either due to security issues, because you want even newer 
OpenOffice.org features, or part of a full system upgrade when Lenny is 
declared stable and Etch then renamed oldstable.

  - Jonas

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