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cleaning up recommends/suggests

well, i noticed debian-edu had a suggests on ltsp-utils which was
incompatible with ltsp-server (used by debian-edu) and dropped from

while i was mucking with the tasks files, i figured i'd look at:


seems like there's a lot of cruft.

i removed packages i found that were part of sarge but not part of etch,
as well as some which were transitional upgrade packages in etch, and
one, which was present in sarge-backports, but *nowhere* else. :)

there are quite a few which don't appear in any debian releaser; i
didn't remove those, although it would be worth reviewing as well.

also, while i was busy making commits, someone uploaded the version that
i was adding changelog entries to.  i'm wondering if we shouldn't use
UNRELEASED in debian/changelog, and increment the version immediately
after an upload to avoid this in the future. "dch --release" facilitates

live well,

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