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Re: OLPC and Tjener

On 3/5/08, Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org> wrote:
> Hi,
>  ejabberd 2.0.0-4 is in experimental. Someone should contact the maintainer and
>  ask him if he thinks it will be ready for lenny and what's need to be done to
>  achieve this.

Currently there are two reasons why ejabberd 2.0.0 can't go to lenny:

1) There are many complains about connectivity issues with 2.0.0 (and
generally, more that a year of development must introduce many bugs),
so I'd like to wait for a bugfix release.

2) Even if 2.0.0 were uploaded to unstable it can't go to lenny
because of problems with Erlang on sparc architecture (specifically,
Erlang fails to work on Ultrasparc III, which is a lebrun hardware,
where sparc buildd is setup). It seems that nobody can help me to
debug this issue, so erlang and all erlang packages are stuck now.

Sergei Golovan

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