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Re: Processed: Re: Bug#467650: debian-edu: Downloads things, does not clean up after itself.


On Thursday 28 February 2008 16:34, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Well, #467650 should be against cdd-dev and it is in fact fixed
> on my local hard-disk.  If cdd-dev depends from apt-get this problem
> is very easy to solve.


> Also #468346 would be very easy to solve - we would just loose
> a feature which is seldomly used.

You need to be able to build without network. Otherwise the source package 
doesnt contain all the sources needed to build the binary -> DFSG violation.

> Hmmm, thinking twice about it we could perhaps do even better and
> do not create the debian/control file at package building time but
> do this when building the debian-edu source tarball.  I have to
> sleep about this.  So there are chances to fix this - but I'm not
> convinced that this is a real bug.  I'm keen on hearing comments
> from Kurt.

Sounds good to me. Sleep well :)


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