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Re: Accepted flashplugin-nonfree 1:1.3~bpo40+1 (source i386)

On Thu, 2008-02-14 at 12:53 +0100, Holger Levsen wrote:
> Hi Bart,
> On Monday 11 February 2008 19:08, you wrote:
> > > Why did you disable amd64 support only for bpo but not in sid?
> > It is disabled in backports.org because last time I checked the reverse
> > dependencies for amd64 are not in stable nor in backports.org.  I have
> > tested the backported package only on i386, not on amd64.
> Ok. Daniel from Debian Edu has packages with the reverse dependencies, so 
> we'll probably upload a modified flashplugin-nonfree package to Debian Edu to 
> provide a backport (for our users) for amd64 as well.
> Would you be interested in sharing the work and having this backport on bpo?

I intend to update flashplugin-nonfree at backports.org to enable amd64
support as soon as the missing packages are added to backports.org or to
Debian stable.


Bart Martens

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