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Bug#458879: debian-edu-doc FTBFS but only in sid not in etch

Hi Andreas,

On Saturday 09 February 2008 22:00, Andreas Hoenen wrote:
> In order to improve the error messages of dblatex (dblatex bug report
> #451267), I have patched dblatex (beginning with 0.2.8-1) to
> postvalidate the DocBook input in case of transformation failures and to
> pass through the validation error messages to the caller [1].  Thus for
> invalid DocBook input the user will receive a meaningful error message
> in addition to the sometimes strange technical error description.

Sounds good :)

> Unfortunately my patch hangs on huge amounts of xmllint error output
> (and itil.xml is "very invalid": 732938 bytes of validation failure
> messages).  

Unfortunatly it's not really simple to fix this: it's auto-generated by 
moinmoins docbook export module (so the source for itil.xml is a wiki), and 
this module is currently not maintained upstream in moinmoin. (See the 
moinmoin wiki for more info if you interested.)

> I will fix this bug in the next debian dblatex release which I'm
> preparing currently. 

/me looks at 
and cheers! 

> However, even without the postvalidation hanging the current versions of
> dblatex respectively xsltproc are just unable to transform itil.xml.
> Sorry, invalid input sometimes is handled properly, but only in lucky
> cases.

/me nods, just experienced this :(

I guess I will have to switch to openjade then and set the errorlimit to 
10000, like I already do for the html version...

And the long term solution is to fix moinmoins docbook export.

regards & thanks anyway,

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