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José L. Redrejo's summary from the gathering in Narvik

Remembering most of things done in my first norwegian gathering:
- Discussed with some people the menus reorganization and finished its
technical implementation
- Some more tests using controlaula with LTSP terminals.
- Talk with finnarne about some lwat needs for Extremadura schools that
he kindly added to the application inmediately.
- ldapify services meeting with ronny, pere and finnarne.
- work on patching dhcpd to work with ldap
- deeply learning on how the debian-edu iso is built thanks to Ronny's
- enjoyed the excellent music and manual that alfton is creating with
- got a borrowed OLPC from Holger for testing in our schools.
- learnt a little bit about norwegian food and much more than what I
desired about norwegian weather ;-)

I guess I'm forgetting something, but these were the most important
issues (appart from meeting in person with excellent people and enjoy
their knowledges and friendship).

José L.

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