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downgrade 311188 to important

severity 311188 important


at the Debian Edu developer gathering in Narvik we once again discussed 
#311188 and came to the conclusion, that we would like to downgrade it to 
important, as debian-edu-config only does these changes if told so by the 
admin (by running the script or using the debian-edu installation cds or 
preseeding a hidden debconf question). 

If debian-edu-config gets installed on a normal system, nothing (bad) happens,
'apt-get install debian-edu-config' (alone) will not mess with policy.

With a severity of important the package will into testing and allow us 
easiier and better testing for lenny. 

We still plan to fix this bug (and deal with all the blockers) til lenny! See 
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Bug311188 for a summary of the status.

This course of action has been agreed on #debian-release too :)


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