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Re: Gathering info

El lun, 28-01-2008 a las 15:40 +0100, Alf Tonny Bätz escribió:
> For the info:
> Every flight to Evenes, have it's own bus waiting for passengers to
> Narvik, just pick up your luggage and go outside.
> The bus have a scheduled stop in Berkvik. (you could alos make the bus
> driver to know you are english speaking, and that you want to leave
> the bus in Bjerkvik)

Fine but, how do you pronounce "Bjerkvik"? It has very few vowels for my
spanglish accent.

> We will sleep at the school, so it's necessary to bring a sleeping bag
> (we provide mattresses).
> If you want to sleep at the hotel, you will have to cover that yourself.
> Food is provided (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
> When it's come to dinner friday, the Famous bjerviking is on the menu
> (hamburger, very good one)
> and saturday, we get and special stew.

I'll land on Narvik airport Friday at 19:50, so I guess it will be too
late to join you for dinner, but I'd love meeting you later if you have
some plans. Just a talk with a beer around a bonfire would be perfect to
migrate all the services to LDAP ;-) 

José L.

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