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Re: changing the default syslog daemon for lenny?

On 11278 March 1977, Holger Levsen wrote:

> So we decided to switch to syslog-ng for now. 

> On the #debian-release channel some people claimed, that syslog-ng is not a 
> drop-in replacement, while other said so. I don't know :) Please explain 
> here. Other options would be rsyslog (which Fedora is using, see 
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/FeatureRsyslog) or msyslog. 

It is a dropin replacement with the config that the package delivers in

Of course using syslog-ng means you can take some more advantages
compared to the old sysklogd - like automated logrotating.
http://ganneff.de/syslog-ng.conf is an (old) config from me for that,
which simply keeps logs in a host/year/month/day structure.
It also has a nice set of filters and stuff, can do tcp and not only
udp, and lots more.

It is to be preferred over the sysklogd thing for a long time already.

JFTR - i dont care if the future default is rsyslog or syslog-ng or yet
another one, as long as its better than sysklogd... (I install my
favorite anyways, so......)

bye Joerg
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