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Bifrost "follow me" printing

This may be of interest for larger Skolelinux schools.


Follow-me printing
This is a project funded by Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune (a county
council on the west coast of Norway) to develop a "follow me" printing
server for their Videregående schools (roughly equivalent to high
school) with the following basic requirements:

      * Support Windows (XP and up), OS X, Linux
      * Use OpenLDAP (already in place with user objects for all users)
      * No domain login required
      * GPL Licensed
      * No need for N print drivers to support N different printers
      * Easy install on end-user stations

The "follow me" part is specified as follows:

     1. Student submits a print job to a print server (CUPS) to a
        generic print queue (will be named "followme"). These jobs are
        held and not printed.
     2. Student walks up to a convenient printer and swipes a magnetic
     3. All the student's print jobs are sent to that printer



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