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Re: New debian-edu build rules fail on autobuilders

[Andreas Tille]
> I'm waiting for your reasoning about making the meta packages
> architecture any.

When building for unstable, we check the list of packages in testing
to avoid the package being stuck in unstable because it had a
dependency on packages that were removed from testing but present in

As for the all/any issue, the set of packages present on a given
architecture, so we need to adjust the package list to match each
architecture.  This is why the package is autobuild.

Both of these issues might no longer be required, as we switched to
using tasksel tasks that do not have hard dependencies, and all the
meta packages at most recommend (and no longer depend) on packages.
But until we can check that the unstable-testing propacation code
ignore recommends, I believe it is best to keep it the way it is.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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