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>1000 commit mails from /trunk/i18n

Hi Karl,

last night you caused more than 1000 commit mails about changes 
in /trunk/i18n. While I certainly appreciate your work very much, this is a 
bit too much noise for my taste. 

From looking at very few of this mails I think you could have used way less 
commits (maybe just one?), because the commit message was always the same, 
you just always commited one file per commmit.

If this is due to the scripts you are using, please fix them :-) You can 
use "svn rm" on directories ;-)

BTW, using commit messages in english would allow every project member to be 
able to understand whats going on..


P.S.: And no worries, s*** happens. All the time and to everyone :-)

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